Owner-occupied homes provide a great opportunity to convey a warm, comfortable home to potential buyers.  The trick is to know how to communicate this warmth without distracting with pieces that are too strong or too abundant. Our clients are selling a home, not their furniture, and the goal is for potential buyers to remember the architectural features.

ROI stagers are happy to help achieve this delicate balance. The best time to call an ROI stager is the moment you decide to sell your home. We will guide you through the process of preparing the look of your home for the real estate market, saving you any wasted time or effort and helping you focus on what our experience has taught us will maximize your Return On Investment.

We are happy to provide a free estimate for our recommended services. Then we schedule one or two days in which to stage. Staging can involve handyman repairs, repurposing or storing away your current pieces, as well as installing pieces from ROI’s vast inventory of furnishings and accessories. The result is a home that will “wow” buyers and help them see your home as a place they could call their home.

Vacant Homes

Statistics tell us that staged homes always sell faster and for more money than comparable vacant homes.  Staged homes convey warmth and aid potential buyers in envisioning a lifestyle. While empty rooms simply look like four walls, indistinct from other homes for sale on the block, well-staged rooms direct the eye, highlighting features such as intricate tile work or a beautiful fireplace. Staging makes these features memorable.

ROI stagers are happy to view the property and submit a written estimate for our recommended level of staging. The average home calls for an installation fee and a monthly fee for inventory rental. At ROI, we pride ourselves on our versatility and if necessary, we are happy to help prioritize our recommendations in order to accommodate our client’s budget. Following your complimentary estimate, ROI stagers schedule one or two days in which to stage using furnishings and accessories from our vast warehouse selection. The result is a home, not a house.

Estate Rehabilitation and Full-Property Consultation
Do you have a client, friend or relative who needs to sell a home that is not exactly the best on the block? Did you know that fixing up a property often delivers a high return on investment? And although it takes time, skills and knowledge of the real estate market and design industry to know which repairs are a sound investment, how to make the repairs, who to hire to do the work, which design decisions will appeal to buyers, how much to spend and how to coordinate it all, ROI is here to help.

Estate Rehabilitation is a concept created by ROI based on our clients’ needs. We noticed that many of our clients had homes with deferred maintenance, and their homes had the potential for much, much higher asking prices if a relatively small amount was invested in services such as organizing, packing, painting, flooring, landscaping, handyman repairs, replacing fixtures, structural changes, electrical, windows and/or construction projects.

We began coordinating such projects for these clients, advising them based on our design knowledge and real estate experience, and we quickly earned a reputation for helping homeowners and investors maximize equity. In addition to saving the time and risk involved in managing such a project, our clients also benefit from the relationships we have cultivated with quality contractors and service people. An ROI Project Manager will view your home and submit recommendations and an estimate. An initial consultation fee is credited toward project fees once the proposal is accepted and work commences. Or use our consultation report to coordinate your own project with your own service team. Our real estate knowledge and design-to-sell background ensure that the property will be more than beautiful—it will be in demand.


Written Consultations

For clients who prefer to self-stage, ROI offers written consultations. An ROI stager comes to the home and evaluates the placement of furnishings, landscape, color palette, etc. Then the client receives a written report with instructions on how to place their existing possessions to best feature their property and attract potential buyers.

Surface Consultations

If you plan to re-carpet, re-paint or replace countertops for an upcoming listing, ROI’s design team is happy to help you make sure you select wisely. Color is a science, and getting it right requires an experienced, educated eye. Surface consultations are billed at an affordable fixed rate.